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Hi and welcome to the NoKiddingBook.com blog!

This is where you’ll hear from the book’s contributors about their unique experiences not having kids. More than that, this is where you can share your own thoughts about the choice to bypass parenthood—whether you yourself have chosen that path or not.

There were various reasons why I never really thought about having kids, but the main reason was it just wasn’t at the top of my list of things to do, and it had certainly never been on my bucket list.

Pulling together this book has forced me to think about it. But when I stop and ask myself why I never had kids, it just feels blank. Kind of like thinking about buying an airplane, or pondering the workings of my digestive system (although, come to think of it, getting older does prompt more and more pondering of my digestive system).

But there are many women who have never considered not having kids. And many are so driven to have kids they can’t bear to face the prospect of doing without. What is the difference between these women and those of us who never thought about it, or forgot to get around to it? Hormone levels? Societal pressure?

The part that astounds me is how so many of the No Kidding writers have said they felt a little freakish about not procreating. And even more freakish that they thought about it deeply and still didn’t want to do it.

But how much of the freakish feeling comes from outside pressure and how much is the result of our biological alarm clocks? As for me, if outside sources were pressuring me, I didn’t feel it. And there isn’t an alarm clock in existence—biological included—that can wake me (I have to set three).

What do you think: Is the pressure to have kids real or imagined? And if it’s real, does it come from external sources or internal—biological or emotional? Or all of the above? Please share your thoughts in the comment area below.

Thanks a lot for coming to this site and for sharing! Please check back here or sign up to follow this blog for more perspectives on bypassing parenthood from other book contributors and people like you.

~ Henriette Mantel         HenrietteMantel.com

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